Overhead Power

Power Lines:




Power Lines:




All Terrain Power can assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of Overhead Power cables on your property.

The vast majority of the electricity distribution network in Australia is overhead or aerial.  Aerial cabling is traditionally the most efficient way to transmit electricity – particularly over rugged or rocky terrain.

In Queensland, overhead power lines and supporting poles within private property boundaries are the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Our experienced, qualified electricians will listen to your requirements and offer expert advice on the most effective and efficient ways to keep your overhead power cables working safely and compliant to required standards.

Trees Around Power Lines

All Terrain Power can safely clear overhead power line routes of tree branches and other vegetation.

One of the biggest hazards around overhead power lines is encroaching vegetation.  Tree branches falling on power lines frequently cause power losses to houses, sheds, dairy’s and water pumps – particularly during Queensland’s summer storm season. 

Using our cherry pickers (EWPs) and high reach hydraulic chainsaws, our experienced crews can clear power line routes of vegetation, reducing the risk of damage to you power lines.

Fallen Power Lines

what to do

In the event of power lines or power poles falling, safety is paramount.  Your priority is the safety of your family and your property.  Make sure everyone stays well clear of the fallen line – the safest place is in inside your home.

Assume any fallen power lines are still ‘live’ – that is they are still carrying electricity!

ENERGEX has a priority emergency phone number 13 19 62 to report any powerlines brought down or electricity related emergencies.

If the fallen power lines are on your property, Energex may advise you to contact an electrical contractor to repair the damage before they restore power.  Call All Terrain Power’s 24 hour emergency number 0437 999 123.

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