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About Us

All Terrain Power is an electrical contracting business based on the Sunshine Coast with over 30 years’ experience in overhead power, underground power, public lighting construction and maintenance and also distribution network construction. We service areas from North Brisbane to Gympie and everywhere in between. Specializing in getting you power in even the most adverse terrains is our specialty. We have our own fleet of trucks, excavators and machinery to get even the toughest of jobs done.

We can design, supply, install and maintain:

Property poles

Overhead power
on your property

Underground power on your property

Public space lighting

Our experienced, qualified tradespeople will listen to your requirements
and offer safe, effective solutions to your power and lighting needs.


All Terrain Power can help with many of your outdoor power needs.

Find out more about our services below.

Domestic and Rural

All Terrain Power can assist you with the installation, inspection, maintenance and replacing of property poles and the cables they support on your property.

A property pole is a pole within your property’s boundary that supports the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings on your property.  These poles are usually made of timber or steel.  Property poles and the cables they support, belong to the property owner and therefore, the maintenance of these is the responsibility of the property owner.

Overhead Power

All Terrain Power can assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of Overhead Power cables on your property.

The vast majority of the electricity distribution network in Australia is overhead or aerial.  Aerial cabling is traditionally the most efficient way to transmit electricity – particularly over rugged or rocky terrain.

In Queensland, overhead power lines and supporting poles within private property boundaries are the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Underground Power

All Terrain Power can assist you with the design and installation of Underground Power cables on your property.

Underground power on your property virtually eliminates the risk of falling tree branches damaging power lines.  Up to 80% of damage to power lines can be attributed to falling trees.

Underground power enhances the aesthetics of your property by removing cabling from view. In fact underground power can add value to your property.  

Storm Damage / Emergency Repairs

Ever noticed that damaging storms often happen after normal business hours?

Energex will not repair any damage to the power cables or property poles on private property.  If you have power lines down or damage to your property poles, call All Terrain Power and we can come to your property to ensure your family and property are safe from electrical shocks. 

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