Storm Damage and Emergency Repairs

Ever noticed that damaging storms often happen after normal business hours?

That’s why All Terrain Power offers a 24 hour emergency service 0437 999 123

Generally, Energex will not repair any damage to the power cables or property poles on private property. If you have power lines down or damage to your property poles, call All Terrain Power and we can come to your property to ensure your family and property are safe from electrical shocks.

Fallen Power Lines – What to do

In the event of power lines or power poles falling, safety is paramount. Your priority is the safety of your family and your property. Make sure everyone stays well clear of the fallen line – the safest place is in inside your home.

Assume any fallen power lines are still ‘live’ – that is they are still carrying electricity!

ENERGEX has a priority emergency phone number … 13 19 62 … to report any powerlines brought down or electricity related emergencies.

If the fallen power lines are on your property, Energex may advise you to contact an electrical contractor to restore power. Call All Terrain Power’s 24 hour emergency number 0437 999 123.