Energex Quality Rated Electrical Contractor

All Terrain Power is an Energex Quality Rated electrical contractor for:

  1. Construction & Maintenance of Overhead Mains to 33kV (WCS25),
  2. Low Voltage Overhead Service Lines (WCS12.3),
  3. Underground Construction (WCS2)
  4. Third Party Aerial Communications Cables (WCS72)

At All Terrain Power, we take safety, quality and our environment seriously. We have developed a business management system that includes the policies and procedures that the standards we operate by. Our business management system has been approval by Energex as a safe work system under which we can work on Energex assets.

Safety Management

Safety comes first in all our operations. Safety of our clients, our staff, our on-site colleagues and safety of the public. Our aim is that no All Terrain Power activity will cause harm to anyone. With this aim in mind, our safety management system has been modelled on Australian Standard 4801 and developed to comply with our legislated requirements.

Quality Management

We know that customer satisfaction requires quality work. Our Quality management system complies with Australian Standard 9001 and has been designed for third party accreditation. Our qualified tradesmen are selected for their particular skills and are kept up to industry standards through our on-going staff training program.

Environment Management

Based in South East Queensland, we value the environment we live and work in. Our goal is to minimise the impact our activities have on the environment. Our AS 14001 based environment management system includes measures to minimise sediment entering our waterways, protect environmentally sensitive and cultural heritage areas, reduce waste streams, and monitor carbon emissions.

Field Auditing

All Terrain Power continuously monitor and audit our own work areas. Audits are performed during the construction process and final product audits are complete at the completion of works. Our team members quality safety and environment management practises are regularly audited to ensure compliance with our standards, our customer expectations and our legislated requirements.